Youth Week 2017 Polling

Polling commissioned by the Advocate for Children and Young People highlights this generation of children and young people are optimistic about Australia and are community-minded but they’re worried about housing affordability and have a pessimistic view of the world.

The Advocate for Children and Young People launched the results of polling of 1,000 children and young people aged 12-24 years living in NSW to mark Youth Week 2017.

Please see some of the results below:

53% of children and young people are generally optimistic about Australia and its future.


They strongly support Aboriginal rights. 73% supported greater recognition of the rights of Aboriginal people with only 5% opposed.


Children and young people are less optimistic about global affairs. They were evenly split (38% optimistic; 37% pessimistic; 19% ambivalent) about the world and its future.


Only half are confident they’ll be able to own their own home one day with 33% saying they were not confident of becoming home owners in the future.


Today’s children and young people are also likely to stay at home well into their 20s. Only 31% expected to leave home by the age of 20, 33% between the ages of 21-24 and 36% either at 25 years or older or not at all.


Children and young people are also hopeful of finding a good job. 70% are positive about their future employment prospects.


Children and young people are largely optimistic. 40% are generally more optimistic than they were six months ago.


Children and young people don’t like how the media portrays them. 43% said they were primarily portrayed negatively in news stories with only 25% saying young people were portrayed positively.


When asked about the top issues facing children and young people today, their top response was time spent on social media, technology and limited-face-to-face contact.


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