Care and protection

Healthy family functioning is an important predictor of health, education and social outcomes. It can also promote positive relationships and build resilience that can help young people deal with adversity. Unfortunately, some children belong to families who do not function well or have limited access to adequate support. Children’s lives can be seriously disrupted and their development compromised in these circumstances.

Submission to Department of Family and Community Services Child Protection Legislation Reform Discussion Paper (PDF 649.3KB)
March 2012
The Commission made a number of recommendations on the legislative reform and legislative proposals to the NSW child protection system.

The NSW Family and Community Services Statutory Review of the Children and Young People (Care and Protection) Regulation 2012 (PDF 594.8KB)
February 2012
The Commission made a number of recommendations on how the Regulations could strengthen the involvement of children and young people in decision making and on how the Regulations should reflect the current and new legislation relating to the Working With Children Check.

The NSW Family and Community Services Review of the NSW Adoption Regulation 2003 (PDF 537.1KB)
February 2012
The Commission suggested ways to strengthen the Regulation to ensure that the best interests of the child are the paramount consideration in adoption law and practice and that adoption is regarded as a service to the child which delivers stability, certainty, openness and a sense of belonging.

From a Child Protection System to a System for Protecting Children (PDF 900.1KB)
March 2008
Submission to the Special Commission of Inquiry into Child Protection Services in NSW, prepared jointly by the Commission, Dr Judy Cashmore and Professor Dorothy Scott. 

Inquiry into Child Custody Arrangements (PDF 154.9KB)
June 2004
ubmission to the Standing Committee on Family and Community Affairs’ Inquiry into child custody arrangements in the event of family separation. The Commission’s submission noted that reforms to family law, policy and practice should focus on the interests of the child, rather than the interests of parents. The Commission's submission did not support a presumption of equal parenting time.

Inquiry into Children in Institutional Care (PDF 304.2KB)
July 2003
Submission to the Senate Community Affairs References Committee’s Inquiry into Institutional Care

Inquiry into Child Protection Services (DOC 123KB)
October 2002
Child protection involves many individuals and organisations in the government and non-government sectors. Seven recommendations are made to strengthen and build the child protection system in NSW.