Education and employment

Education in Australia aims to provide children with the knowledge, understanding, skills and values to take advantage of opportunity and to face challenges with confidence. Ultimately, school students will acquire the knowledge and skills they need to participate effectively in society and employment in a globalised economy.

Volunteering (PDF 470.1KB) May 2014
Submission on volunteering and unpaid placements among children and young people 

Inquiry into Education Amendment (Ethics Classes Repeal) Bill 2011 (PDF 45.1KB)
February 2012
Support for the ongoing provision of special education in ethics in NSW public schools.

Department of Education and Communities’ (DEC) Review of School Counselling Services in NSW  (PDF 46.3KB)
November 2011
Access to school counsellors by children and young people is limited by factors such as supply, service design and the accessibility of services to children. The Review should explore the feasibility of boosting the numbers of counsellors, examine alternative allocation and delivery of services, and directly consults with children and young people to ensure that services are provided in ways that best suit them.

NSW Parliament’s Standing Committee on Social Issues Inquiry into Transition Support for Students with Additional or Complex Needs (PDF 390.6KB)
August 2011
Stresses the importance of adequately resourcing transition planning for students with a disability, including developing transition plans at each educational transition point and fully involving students in this process.

Commonwealth House of Representatives Standing Committee on Education and Training Inquiry into combining school and work (PDF 49.9KB)
January 2009
Response to the Commonwealth House of Representatives Standing Committee on Education and Training Inquiry into combining school and work.

School leaving age (PDF 1.9MB)
August 2008
Response to the Department of Education and Training’s proposal to raise the school leaving age.

Senate inquiry into workplace relations amendment  (PDF 18.1KB)
June 2007
Submission to the Senate inquiry into the workplace relations amendment (A Stronger Safety Net) Bill 2007.

Australian Fair Pay Commission Minimum Wage Determination (PDF 44.7KB)
October 2006
Submission to the Australian Fair Pay Commission on first minimum wage determination.

Inquiry into the Impact of Commonwealth WorkChoices Legislation (PDF 332.1KB)
August 2006
Submission to the NSW Parliament Committee on Social Issues' Inquiry into the Impact of Commonwealth WorkChoices legislation.

National Inquiry into the Teaching of Literacy (PDF 93.6KB)
July 2005
Submission to the independent Committee conducting the National Inquiry into the Teaching of Literacy.

Inquiry into Teacher Recruitment and Training (PDF 1.2MB)
July 2005
Submission to the NSW Parliament’s Standing Committee on Social Issues to the Inquiry into the Recruitment and Training of Teachers.

Education and Training Futures (PDF 325.8KB)
February 2005
Submission to the NSW Department of Education and 'Training Excellence and Innovation Consultation on the future of NSW public education & training' project.

Institute of Teachers Bill 2004 (PDF 75.9KB)
July 2004
Submission to the proposed Institute of Teachers Bill 2004.

Independent Review of NSW non-government schools (PDF 223.9KB)
July 2004
Submission to the Review that aimed to develop a policy framework for the establishment, funding and regulation of non-government schools, including boarding schools.

Young People, Schools and Innovation (PDF 106KB)
September 2003
Submission to the Commonwealth Department of Education, Science and Training in response to their discussion paper titled; Young People, Schools and Innovation: towards an action plan for the school sector.  Supports the development of an action plan for creating a culture of innovation in schools and developing innovative capacity in students, emphasising the importance of schools as sites of positive relationships.


Babysitting is the most common job undertaken by 12-15 year olds in NSW with 21% working as babysitters. Here is a kit for kids working as babysitters. It's got practical tips for a safe and good experience for everyone involved. It's also designed to help parents work with their babysitters to get the best results for all.

Babysitting guide (PDF 1.9MB)

Babysitting checklist (PDF 94KB)

Babysitting guide for parents (PDF 137.2KB)