Health, safety, and wellbeing

The health and safety of children and young people is of critical importance to their present sense of well-being and to their future health and wellbeing.

Support in tough times report (PDF 3.1MB)

Summary  - Support in tough times report (PDF 543.6KB)

This report that shows schools can improve the lives of students by recognising the important role of friends in seeking adult help for young people with mental health problems.

Bullying and Cyberbullying (PDF 309.3KB)
Aug 2014
Young people speak out about bullying and cyberbullying.

Offroad vehicles
2013-Inquiry into non-registered motorised vehicles (PDF 779KB)

Review of Mental Health Act (PDF 53.4KB)
December 2012
Highlights matters that are relevant to children and young people with a mental illness or who are mentally disordered and makes suggestions as to how the Act could be amended to improve the provision of mental health services to this group

Inquiry into the Provision of Alcohol to Minors (PDF 211.8KB)
August 2012
Supports appropriate measures, including appropriate legislation, intended to restrict or limit children’s access to alcohol and minimise the harm associated with this, including through secondary supply.

Towards an Aboriginal Health Plan in NSW Discussion Paper (PDF 432.4KB)
June 2012
Expresses support for the development of a new Aboriginal health plan for NSW, but suggests that more attention be paid to addressing the social determinants of health, rather than an exclusive focus on health system reform.

Consultation on the establishment of a NSW Mental Health Commission (PDF 53.4KB)
August 2011
Strongly supports the establishment of a Mental Health Commission in NSW and argues that the Mental Health Commission should accord strong priority to addressing the mental and emotional health of children and young people.

Commission's comments to the NSW Review of the Swimming Pools Act (PDF 352.8KB)
June 2009
Recommends strengthening legislation and compliance so that fencing around all swimming pools are maintained and up to standard. The Commission believes standardised fencing, together with active adult supervision, is the most effective way to reduce risk of drowning in swimming pools.

Sexualisation of Children Inquiry (PDF 309.2KB)
April 2008
Submission to the Australian Parliament Senate Standing Committee inquiry into the sexualisation of children in the contemporary media environment.

Inquiry into Acute Care Services in Public Hospitals (PDF 43KB)
March 2008
Submission to the Minister for Health’s Special Commission of Inquiry into Acute Care Services in Public Hospitals in NSW.

Young Driver Safety and Education Programs (PDF 69.3KB)
January 2008
Submission to the NSW Parliamentary Joint Standing Committee on Road Safety, STAYSAFE Committee on young driver safety and education programs.

Guidelines on Attention Deficit Hyperactiviy Disorder (ADHD) (PDF 83.9KB)
November 2007
Submission to the Royal Australasian College of Physicians - guidelines on ADHD. 

Inquiry into Dental Services in NSW (PDF 586.8KB)
November 2006
Submission to the NSW Parliament Committee on Social Issues' Inquiry into Dental Services in NSW.

NSW Health's Health Futures Project (PDF 139.5KB)
July 2006
Submission to the NSW Health's Health Future's Project, to help set long term directions for the NSW health system for the next 20 years.

Inquiry into Tobacco Smoking in NSW (PDF 20.9KB)
May 2006
Submission to the NSW Joint Select Committee on Tobacco Smoking to the Inquiry into Tobacco Smoking in NSW.

Provision of Mental Health Services in Australia (PDF 53.4KB)
June 2005
Submission to the Senate Select Committee on Mental Health on the provision of mental health services in Australia. The Commission’s submission focused on the need for early intervention, children of parents with a mental illness and children in Immigration Detention.

NSW Law Reform Commission Review of Medical Consent Laws (PDF 199.6KB)
September 2004
Submission to the NSW Attorney General’s Review of medical consent laws for children under the age of 18 years. The NSW Attorney General referred the issue to the NSW Law Reform Commission, who, in June 2004, released an Issues Paper and invited submissions on the matter.

Assisted Reproductive Technology Bill 2003 (PDF 73KB)
June 2004
Submission to the NSW Health on the consultation draft of the Assisted Reproductive Technology Bill 2003. The Commission’s submission was generally supportive of the Bill.

NSW Parliamentary Report Released on Child Sexual Assault Prosecutions (PDF 125.9KB)
November 2002
Submission to the NSW Standing Committee on Law and Justice in response to a report recommending reform of laws, policies and practice relating to the investigation and prosecution of child sexual assault. The Commission wants young people who take the difficult step of disclosing sexual assault to be supported through the court process. We recommended the use of pre-recorded evidence and the establishment of a Child Witness Service to minimise the stress to children of court processes.

Inquiry Report Released on Making School Traffic Safer (PDF 69.3KB)
August 2001
Submission to the State Parliamentary STAYSAFE Committee in response to its inquiry report into the effectiveness of current traffic control strategies around NSW schools.

Greater Protection for Child Witnesses in Sexual Offence Proceedings (PDF 110KB)
June 2001
Submission to the Legal and Constitutional Committee of the Commonwealth Senate in response to the proposed Measures to Combat Serious and Organised Crime Bill 2001. This proposed Bill amends the Commonwealth Crimes Act 1914 and includes important new protections for children and young people under 18 years who give evidence in criminal proceedings in respect of sexual offences (including child sex tourism cases). The Commission's submission supports these amendments and suggests there should be even greater legal protections for child victims and witnesses.

Speak up (PDF 2MB)
Dec 2013
A report on public consultations on strengthening advocacy for children and young people in NSW.

Our Time (PDF 716.2KB) 
March 2013
A report on how young people spend their time after school and how they would like to spend it.

Review of Mental Health Act
December 2012

Provision of Mental Health Services in Australia
June 2005