NSW Youth Advisory Council 2018 

What is the NSW Youth Advisory Council?

The NSW Youth Advisory Council (YAC) plays an important role in guiding NSW Government youth affairs and raising the views of young people.

Applications are sought from diverse locations, backgrounds and life experiences.

The YAC provides a direct avenue of communication between young people and the NSW Government. The YAC meets regularly throughout the year to provide advice to the Minister responsible for Youth The Hon. Ray Williams MP and the Advocate for Children and Young People, Mr Andrew Johnson on issues, policies and laws that affect children and young people in NSW.

The 12 YAC members, aged between 12 and 24, come from all over the State and are broadly representative of the diversity of young people living in NSW.

Who is eligible to apply for the Youth Advisory Council?

All young people living in NSW between the ages of 12 and 24 years may apply. Members must have such experience, background and skills as the Minister considers necessary for them to make a contribution to the work of the Council.

What is required of me?

Council members meet once every 4-6 weeks throughout the year to discuss a range of topics and monitor and evaluate polices and legislation affecting children and young people.

Members also consult with children and young people, community groups and government agencies on issues concerning children and young people; and conduct forums, approved by the Minister on issues relevant to children and young people.

Tips for completing your application

Once you start your application you will need to complete it in one go, so you might like to prepare your answers in a word document and then copy and paste them into the application when you are ready. Make sure you answer all questions. The whole application process should take no longer than 10 minutes.

The main questions to prepare for are:

  • What do you think are the important issues affecting children and young people in NSW?
  • What life experiences have you had which would assist you in contributing to the Council’s work?
  • Details of any current or past voluntary or community activities you have been involved in.
  • We'll also ask a few questions about you and your background.
  • Last will be to provide a reference, like a teacher or youth worker.

Applications closed 30 Sep 2017.

Please note that no applications will be accpeted after this date. We are unable to provide any extensions.

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What are some things the YAC did in 2017?

  • Met with the Minister responsible for Youth The Hon. Ray Williams MP to discuss a range of issues relevant to children and young people
  • Met regularly with the Advocate for Children and Young People to design and implement consultations with children and young people across NSW
  • Undertook training in advocacy and facilitation
  • Provided advice to the Government on a range of issues, including privacy, education, youth homelessness, bullying, violence against children, life skills, mental health, children and young people with a disability, health and transport
  • Planned for the IDEATION event which brought together over 100 children and young people to set the directions for a campaign about inclusion in NSW.

What skills can I develop through the YAC?

  • Communication
  • Advocacy
  • Problem solving
  • Decision making
  • Media

Key dates

  • Sep 1 – Applications open
  • Sep 30 – Applications close
  • Mid Oct – Shortlisted and unsuccessful applicants notified
  • Nov 10 – Recruitment event for shortlisted applicants at Parliament House. This is mandatory for shortlisted applicants.
  • Mid Nov – Recommended applicants notified
  • Dec/Jan - Final confirmation of successful applicants

Media Kit

In order the make the opportunity to be part of the YAC available to as many children and young people as possible, please support the recruitment process through options via the following link:

Media Kit

If you have any questions feel free to contact the office on 9248 0970, or acyp@acyp.nsw.gov.au