The Plan

Developing the Strategic Plan for Children and Young People

The Advocate for Children and Young People is responsible, under legislation, for developing the three-year whole-of-government strategic plan. Initial consultation on the plan will involve talking to children and young people across NSW to find out what are the issues of most concern to them, and talking to the government and non-government agencies whose work impacts on young people. Participating in this consultation will give children and young people the chance to have their say about what the plan should cover in the interests of children and young people in NSW today, and in the future.

What children and young people have said

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Feedback from people who work with children and young people

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The Plan aims to:

  • result in improved lives for children and young people living in NSW
  • cover systemic issues affecting the well being of children and young people and ensuring their participation in the decisions which impact their lives
  • be linked and coordinated with other relevant plans
  • be brief, identifying a small number of key strategies that are required now and will make the biggest difference
  • build ownership to achieve change
  • be hopeful and uplifting
  • be tangible, interesting, understandable and repeatable
  • demonstrate leadership in the way the NSW government intends to work with to children and young people.

Please find the Strategic Plan via the link below:

Strategic Plan