The Voices of 30,000 Children and Young People

Since the office opened in 2015, ACYP has heard back from 30,000 children and young people, 10,000 of which have been face-to-face consultations. Children and young people have provided feedback across many settings on a wide range of issues including: education, mental health, wellbeing, homelessness, employment, rights, safety, violence, diversity, discrimination, life skills and digital usage. ACYP engages with children and young people by using specifically designed methodologies that respect their rights and create spaces where they can freely share their views and opinions.

The voices of children and young people from all across the state has led to the development and implementation of major reports, projects, initiatives, and activities. They have shared their views and experiences as well as their recommendations for improving their lives and the lives of other children and young people.

ACYP has worked with non-government and government departments to undertake targeted consultations with children and young people. The NSW Youth Advisory Council participates in regular meetings where they provide detailed feedback and suggestions on organisational projects designed for children and young people.

To better assist organisations with engaging with children and young people, ACYP has developed a guide which offers top ten tips for participation, checklists for CEO's, boards, NGO front line workers and contract managers. Click the link below to read the guide 'Engaging with Children and Young People in Your Organisation'.

Participation Resource