Zoë Robinson


Zoë Robinson holds a law degree and a Masters of Human Rights. Zoë previously worked as a solicitor for firms in NSW, for Deloitte in internal strategy and was the CEO of the NSW Peak Body for Youth Homelessness. Prior to commencing her appointment as the Advocate, Zoë worked at the Department of Premier and Cabinet. Her role was focussed on breaking disadvantage. Zoë also volunteered for a number of months for an organisation that represented death row inmates based in Houston, Texas.

Having both experience in the professional services industry and the not for profit industry means that Zoë brings a balance of passion coupled with a “can do” attitude to her role as Advocate. Zoë firmly believes that children and young people should be given every opportunity to succeed and set themselves up for success, and that they should have the opportunity to choose what that means to them. Zoë believes that all children and young people should be heard, listened to and be central to the work that we do both in government, business and community. Zoë is enthusiastic, energetic, and pragmatic and thoroughly enjoys collaborating with people to achieve a purpose and an outcome.

Zoë is also a proud step mother to three children, a sports fan and a traveller.

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