Life Skills

The Life Skills resources have been created with the goal of providing young people with support as they transition to adulthood.

ACYP has regularly heard from children and young people that they want more opportunities to learn information about practical life skills. Young people often tell us that, in addition to the education and supports they already receive, they want more access to practical, real-life advice - including support on how to manage one's health, finances, employment and households.

The Life Skills resources below were collated by drawing on feedback that ACYP has heard directly from consultations with young people. The topics chosen are based on ACYP’s consultation and polling findings, with young people reporting that they want more information on four key areas: health and wellbeing, financial management, career literacy and the ‘making a house a home’. 

The overall purpose of the Life Skills resources is to help young people make informed decisions, solve problems, think critically communicate effectively and cope with and manage their lives in a healthy and productive manner.


Find a career that is right for you

Financial management resources

Health and wellbeing

Protect yourself against identity theft

Other life skills advice


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