A Guide to Establishing a Children and Young People’s Advisory Group

ACYP regularly provides advice to organisations on how to meaningfully and effectively involve children and young people in their decision making processes. This guide has been developed to highlight the value and benefits of embedding children and young people’s voices and outlines how to successfully establish a children and young people’s advisory group.

Children and young people informed the development of this guide by sharing their views and recommendations on how organisations can better engage with children and young people. Initiatives designed for children and young people are more likely to be effective when co-designed and informed by children and young people.

Thanks to the contribution of 15 organisations, throughout this guide you will find detailed examples of good practice, case studies and a checklist as well as useful tools and tips.

The below sections are covered in the Guide:

  • Why we should include children and young people in decision making
  • Determining in why you want to establish a children and young people’s advisory group
  • Recruitment and selection of members
  • Induction of the group
  • Practicalities of managing the group
  • Ethical issues
  • Supporting the group
  • Sustaining the group
  • Checklist
  • Top ten tips

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