Report: What Aboriginal children and young people have to say

ACYP has released the report ‘What Aboriginal children and young people have to say’ which is based on the views and experiences of 2,800 Aboriginal children and young people. Their voices were heard through face-to-face consultations across many settings.

The report uncovers detailed findings and outlines 38 recommendations across the following topics raised during consultations: connection to culture; racism and discrimination; education; accessible activities and programs; supportive workers and services as well as justice.

Children and young people offered practical solutions and recommendations, some of these include: services targeting Aboriginal children and young people are designed and delivered by Aboriginal owned and controlled organisations; stronger connection to culture through initiatives; more accessible activities and programs especially after hours and over weekends; more training for frontline workers and an increase of life skills programs in schools.

Across all consultations, being able to access recreational activities and programs was reported as very important along with maintaining a connection to culture. Children and young people spoke about how they would benefit from more programs and opportunities to connect with culture through Elders and community members. Racism and discrimination were big issues mentioned across all consultations and they discussed what makes them feel unwelcome and welcome in their communities.

Click on the link below to download the report.

Aboriginal report