Network, build your social skills and get involved in important discussions about issues affecting children and young people in NSW. Panels, forums and events are a great way to meet your peers and government and non-government representatives who are interested in your ideas and opinions.

The Advocate for Children and Young People regularly organises forums to bring together people to discuss a particular topic or to share ideas relating to issues affecting children and young people in NSW. These events vary in size and occasion, ranging from small focus groups to large celebrations of the achievements of children and young people.

Your attendance at ACYP events ensures that your voice is taken into consideration by decision makers to improve the lives of all children and young people in NSW.

If you are under 24, sign up below to be among the first invited to the events. There is no obligation to attend and you may opt-out of the invites at any time. 


Please contact the ACYP office with any questions on: 9248 0970, or email us at:

Other opportunities

There are many opportunities available for all children and young people across NSW to get involved and make a meaningful contribution. Find out more about the opportunities offered by ACYP on the Engagement page.

Engagement opportunities