Postcards to the Advocate

The work of the Advocate for Children and Young People (ACYP) is guided by listening to the views and opinions of children and young people from across NSW. The Advocate then takes this information to decision makers in government to guide the development of policies and services to support children and young people, and to tell them what children want to see.

'Postcards to the Advocate' is an engagement initiative that invites adults who work with children and young people to facilitate an opportunity for children and young people to tell the Advocate about their hopes for the future.

Participation in the 'Postcards to the Advocate' initiative is free. Here's how it works:

  1. Download the electronic postcard.
  2. Write or draw a picture to Zoë to tell her what your hopes are for the future. This could be about hopes for your future, or what you're hoping for in the world around you.
  3. Save your postcard and then submit it using the link below.

Zoë and the ACYP team will read your message along with all of the other submitted messages from children and young people in NSW. Some of the postcards might be pictured on our website or in some of our reports that we send to people who make decision in Government.

We are asking for your first name, your age and the school you go to. We're doing this so that if anyone writes or draws a picture that makes us worried about whether they are safe, we can reach out to your school to let them know.

If your postcard is pictured on the website or in a report, we will remove your school name and just keep your age and your first name.

We can't wait to hear what you have to say!

Submitting an e-postcard

How to download and access the Postcard file

The Chrome web browser works best for downloading the Postcard (Powerpoint file).

Once you select the 'Download Postcard' button, a new web browser window will launch.
Select the 'refresh' Refresh browser iconbrowser icon at the top of the web browser window.  This will automatically download and save the blank Postcard (Powerpoint file) into your 'download' folder on your computer, for you to access.

Download Postcard button        Submit Your Postcard button

For Teachers and Services

If you're a teacher or a service and require multiple hard copy postcards to be sent for your students, you can contact us and we will post these to you.