NSW, through their eyes 

NSW, through their eyes is an interview series by the Office of the Advocate for Children and Young People (ACYP).

The concept behind this series is to ask a variety of inspirational children and young people and adults who work with and for children and young people about their life experiences and priorities for children and young people in NSW.

This series includes a number of short informative and interesting interviews that will inspire you and give you and insight into the many different experiences of children and young people in NSW.

Danny Mayson-Kinder interviewed by Zoë Robinson

19 January, 2021

In this NSW, through their eyes interview, the Advocate Zoë Robinson speaks with Danny Mayson-Kinder, the CEO and Founder of flyhighbillie™.

Danny founded flyhighbillie™, a not for profit organisation, following the tragic death of her beautiful 12 year old daughter Billie. In this interview Danny talks about how she was inspired to create the charity when she learned of her daughter’s great impact on others. Danny began this journey by collating Billie’s poetry and artwork into a book. Coupled with this, she has continued to grow Billie’s legacy of kindness in many ways including the b kinder ™ initiative, and through this has created resources which help promote empathy and compassion in school age children.

Danny is passionate about empowering children to enable them to see that they each have the capacity to make a difference in the world.

You can find out more about flyhighbillie here.

Hannah Beder interviewed by Julia Weber

22 December, 2020

Hannah Beder is the 2020 Harvey Norman Young Woman of the Year. As a successful Software Engineer, Hannah is passionate about addressing the gender disparity in the technology industry.

One of the ways she is working to address this issue is through mentoring girls and young women who have an interest in STEM careers. By teaching the right tools in the right way, she is enabling others who have historically been underrepresented in the technology industry to exist safely, envision a bright future and succeed.

In this NSW, through their eyes episode, Hannah is interviewed by her friend Julia Weber who was a finalist in the 2020 Harvey Norman Young Woman of the Year awards.

Julia Weber interviewed by Zoë Robinson

14 December, 2020

In this NSW, through their eyes interview, the Advocate for Children and Young People Zoë Robinson speaks with 23 year-old Julia Weber who was Harvey Norman Young Woman of the Year Award finalist in 2020.

In this interview Julia speaks about how her passion for improving the financial outcomes for all young Australians has led to her writing a financial literacy course that she has delivered in high schools right across her region.

Julia’s inspirational story starts her experience of online bulling as a young person and how she used this knowledge to drive her commitment to prevent other young people having the same experience.

Ben Ballard interviewed by Julie Charlton

17 November, 2020

In this episode of NSW, through their eyes, NSW Youth Advisory Council Chairperson, Julie Charlton interviews Ben Ballard, R/Executive Director, Inclusion and Wellbeing for the NSW Department of Education.

Ben is passionate about improving outcomes for children and young people in NSW through education. In this interview he shares his journey from childhood to fulfilling his personal dream of becoming a teacher, which he describes as ‘the best job in the world’.

Zoë Robinson interviewed by Max, Ruby and Ollie

23 October, 2020

This episode of NSW, through their eyes marks the beginning of Children’s Week 2020 tomorrow. Each October, Children’s Week is celebrated in NSW to recognise children’s right to enjoy childhood. This year Children’s Week will be observed from 24 October to 1 November.

In this episode, three children, Ollie, Max and Ruby, came together to ask the Advocate for Children and Young People, Zoë Robinson some questions about herself and her work to improve the lives of children and young people across NSW.
The theme for Children’s Week 2020 is Article 15 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child - Children have the right to meet together and join groups and organisations as long as it does not stop other people from enjoying their rights. In exercising their rights, children have the responsibility to respect the rights, freedom and reputations of others.

You can find out more about Children’s Week and how you can get involved in the celebrations by visiting NSW Children's Week

The Hon. Bronnie Taylor, MLC interviewed by Zoë Robinson

11 October, 2020

This episode of NSW, through their eyes marks the United Nations’ International Day of the Girl Child.

In this video The Hon. Bronnie Taylor MLC, Minister for Mental Health, Regional Youth and Women speaks with the Advocate for Children and Young People, Zoë Robinson about her journey from being an Oncology Nurse to politics and her passion for her political portfolio.

Minister Taylor shares how her childhood shaped the person she is today and how challenges early in her political career cemented her passion for working for the people of NSW.

Tom Rea, Emma Shugg and Christopher Singh interviewed by Grace Rowe

15 September, 2020

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, young people across NSW have been working to support their communities through uncertain times.

In this episode of the NSW, through their eyes series, three frontline workers talk about how their work has changed and continues to change through the pandemic and how encouraged they are by the positive responses they get from their communities.
This episode is hosted by Grace Rowe and features primary school teacher Tom Rea, student nurse Emma Shugg and Woolworths Store Manager Christopher Singh.

Liam McGovern and Meherun Rahman interviewed by Zoë Robinson

17 August, 2020

As part of the ACYP team, Meherun and Liam are young people working in the best interests of all children and young people in NSW.

In this interview Meherun and Liam talk about how their respective jobs play an important role in improving outcomes for children and young people in NSW and what their hopes for children and young people in NSW are.

Mi-kaisha Masella interviewed by Zoë Robinson

23 July, 2020

Nineteen year old Mi-kaisha Masella is a Darumbal Tongan woman, born and raised in Sydney. She is a social justice advocate, singer-songwriter who is currently completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Recorded Music at New York University in New York City.

In this interview Mi-kaisha talks about her creative journey and how she expresses her connection to culture through music.

Bailey Pickles interviewed by Zoë Robinson

27 May, 2020

Sixteen year old Bailey Pickles’ love for music became noticeable when he was just a toddler and has continued to grow ever since. Bailey recently became noticed on TikTok by using his ability to listen to a piece of music and replay it.

In this interview Bailey talks about his journey to becoming a composer, his passion for experimental music and his hopes for the future.

Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons interviewed by Zoë Robinson

17 April, 2020

NSW Rural Fire Service Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons led the charge in fighting one of the most devastating fire seasons experienced in NSW in 2019 and 2020.

In this interview, Commissioner Fitzsimmons shares his career pathway, how he sources inspiration from the many volunteers he works with and how the dedication and commitment he sees in young people makes him believe that our future is in safe hands.

Julie Charlton interviewed by Zoë Robinson

01 April, 2020

Julie Charlton is a member of the NSW Youth Advisory Council (YAC), an advocate for Spina Bifida awareness and Don’t Dis My Ability ambassador. She is passionate about ensuring all children and young people have access to equal opportunities, particularly those who have a disability.

In this interview Julie talks about her life experiences and her journey to becoming a para athlete. She also imparts valuable advice for both children and young people and adults.

Amy Brown interviewed by Zoë Robinson

16 March, 2020

As the Deputy Secretary, Strategy and Delivery for the Department of Premier and Cabinet, Amy Brown is a key leader in NSW Government. Amy and her team provide expert commercial, strategic and economic advice to the Premier on major and complex whole-of-government policies, programs and projects.

In this interview Amy talks about her career journey, successful leadership strategies and how to lead by using your strengths.

Joseph La Posta interviewed by Zoë Robinson

9 March, 2020

Joseph La Posta is the CEO of Multicultural NSW. In this interview Joseph talks about NSW being one of the most diverse states in the world and following Multicultural NSW’s Remove Hate from the Debate campaign he speaks about community inclusion for children and young people in NSW.

Simon Byrnes interviewed by Zoë Robinson

3 March, 2020

As a young person Simon Byrnes experienced homelessness. In this interview Simon sits down with Acting Advocate for Children and Young People Zoë Robinson and shares his inspiring story on overcoming the challenges he faced as a young person.

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