Early Childhood

National Quality Framework for Early Childhood Education and Care

The National Quality Framework aims to raise quality and drive continuous improvement and consistency in early childhood education and care services.

Australian Early Development Index (AEDI)

The AEDI is a population-based index that measures childhood development across five domains: physical health and wellbeing, social competence, emotional maturity, language and cognitive skills, and communication skills and general knowledge. AEDI data provides Australia with a comprehensive national picture of how children are developing by the time they start school.

Primary and Secondary Education

NSW Department of Education and Communities

The NSW Department of Education and Communities connects all stages of education, from early childhood through to tertiary education. It also incorporates agencies, facilities and programs that provide support to targeted groups in the community.

Board of Studies NSW

This site provides syllabus, examination and educational resources for teachers, students and parents.

Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority

ACARA is responsible for developing and implementing a national curriculum from Kindergarten to Year 12 in specified learning areas and a national assessment program aligned to the national curriculum that measures students' progress.

Catholic Education Commission of NSW

The Catholic Education Commission of New South Wales, is established by the Catholic Bishops of NSW to act on behalf of Dioceses, Religious Institutes, Parents and Parishes for the benefit of Catholic education.

Association of Independent Schools of NSW

The AISNSW is the peak body representing the independent schooling sector in NSW. It provides a wide range of services to member schools and administers and manages a range of government funded programs for all NSW independent schools.

NSW Secondary Principals Council

The New South Wales Secondary Principals' Council (NSWSPC) is a professional body which represents Principals of government schools and colleges in New South Wales that have secondary school enrolments. These schools include government high schools, colleges, central schools, community schools (K-12) and a range of schools for specific purposes.

Primary Principals Association

A professional association for Primary Principals of Public Schools throughout New South Wales with a membership of more than 1800 principals.

Parent Associations and Councils

Council of Catholic School Parents

The Council of Catholic School Parents is the peak representative body for parents with children in Catholic schools in NSW.

NSW Parents Council

The NSW Parents Council is the peak body representing parents of non-government school students in NSW.

Alternative Education and Support

SPELD NSW - The Specific Learning Difficulties Association NSW

SPELD NSW is a Public Benevolent Institution whose mission is to provide advice and services to children and adults with specific learning difficulties and those who teach, work with and care for them. SPELD NSW is one of the National Federation of SPELD Associations, AUSPELD. It is an incorporated not-for-profit association of parents and professionals committed to advancing the education and well-being of children and adults with Specific Learning Difficulties.

Youth Connections

Youth Connections provides flexible and personal support to help young people engage with education and make positive life choices. Outreach activities support young people and offer better support for them in their local communities.

Tertiary Education


Information about studying at TAFE.


The Longitudinal Study of Australian Youth

The Longitudinal Surveys of Australian Youth (LSAY) track young people as they move from school into further study, work and other destinations. It uses large, nationally representative samples of young people to collect information about education and training, work, and social development.

Research and other useful information

Community Builders

This site is an interactive electronic clearing house for young people, community leaders, government, volunteers, policy makers, academics and program managers.


This international information and data exchange network organises national, regional and international consultations, meeting and workshops for young people.