Coonamble Children and Young People share their views on making NSW a better place

Posted by ACYP on Aug 5, 2015 9:47:05 AM

Students from Coonamble Public School and Coonamble High School had an opportunity to share their views on what life is like for children and young people in NSW when the Advocate for Children and Young People, Andrew Johnson, visited the region.

The office of the Advocate works to improve the welfare and wellbeing of all children and young people in NSW. The office is also responsible for promoting children and young people’s participation in decision-making about issues that affect their lives and speaking up for children and young people to get their points of view heard by decision makers. 

The Advocate is responsible, under legislation, for developing the three-year whole of government strategic plan. Initial consultation on the plan involves talking to children and young people across NSW to find out what the issues of most concern are for them, and talking to the government and non-government agencies whose work impacts on young people.  

Following consultations with forty children and young people in Coonamble, Mr Johnson said the Coonamble children and young people he spoke with have a clear understanding of what change they would like to see for them in the area.

“Children and young people can offer a great insight into their lives and what would make life better for them in the future.

“Speaking with children and young people in Coonamble it is clear that they have a great desire to hold onto the sporting and agricultural traditions in the area and extend the range of activities they can participate and engage in,” Mr Johnson said.

“My role as Advocate is to influence and initiate positive and lasting change for children and young people in NSW and the students I have spoken to in Coonamble are playing an important role in that process,” he added.