NGO and Civil Society Forum at Parliament House

Posted by ACYP on Aug 21, 2015 10:00:00 AM

The Office of the Advocate for Children and Young People recently held a forum with over 100 non-government and civil society organisations to gain their input on the themes and directions for the Strategic Plan for Children and Young People.

Gadical elder, Uncle Chicka Madden welcomed us to Country before The Hon. John Akaka, MLC Minister for Ageing, Minister for Disability Services, and Minister for Multiculturalism gave the opening address.

Minster Ajaka outlined the purpose of the day when he said, “Of course the next important step in the development of the plan is to hear from those of you here in the room today who work daily in the interest of children and young people. Today is about hearing from you, drawing on your experience and insights to shape the first NSW plan for children and young people.”

The Advocate for Children and Young People, Mr Andrew Johnson then presented insights gained from the consultations he has held with children and young people across NSW. Mr Johnson also introduced four groups of children and young people who talked about their insights from participating and running consultations on the Strategic Plan. The children and young people who spoke at the forum were:

  •          Charlie Robinson and Cate Connor from Wildcare OOSH
  •          Amy Ibbott and Leevi Baker from Coonamble High School
  •          Maddison Gilholme and Ethan Krawshaw from Kirrawee High School
  •          Yvette Quinn and Jesse Hanna from the NSW Youth Advisory Council

The presentations were followed by a World Café style consultation that provided people with the opportunity to discuss the themes and directions of the Strategic Plan across small group tables.  

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