Participation in Practice Case Studies

The office of the Advocate for Children and Young People has produced four video case studies highlighting the value and the positive outcomes of best-practice participation.

These case studies detail four different environments and situations where children and young people have been involved in making decisions that affect them. Through these case studies we can see the positive effect participation has not only for the organisation but for the children and young people involved.

Video one – Touched by Olivia Foundation

The Touched by Olivia Foundation was founded following the tragic loss of John and Justine Perkins’  eight-month old daughter Olivia. With a strategy aimed at creating healthier and happier lives for children, the foundation’s core focus centres on creating inclusive play spaces across Australia. In this case study we see how including the voices of children and young people in the development of inclusive play spaces has been a successful strategy.

Video two – Uniting Care

Uniting Care Burnside have successfully incorporated the voices of some of the youngest members of their community in every day practices and processes at their childcare centre. This case study highlights that even our youngest citizens have valuable ideas and suggestions to make their lives and the lives of others better.

Video three – YMCA Youth Parliament

The YMCA have been running a NSW Youth Parliament Program for several years. This program allows young people from all parts of NSW to participate in an annual program that emulates NSW Parliament. Members represent their region and debate and make recommendations on policy, with their recommendations then presented to members of the current government. This case study highlights the positive and important contributions children and young people can make to our society.

Video four – Coonamble High School

Coonamble High School is locates in remote NSW. The staff, led by Principal Margaret Mulchay, have developed several student participation programs which have involved empowering students by giving them ownership over their school environment and the outcomes of projects.  Coonamble High School has experienced an increase in student engagement as a result of their participation program.

Thank you to the organisations who are featured in our Participation in Practice video case studies. If you have a best-practice participation case study you would like to share, please contact the office of the Advocate for Children and Young People by emailing