What are peer to peer consultations?

Peer to peer consultations are where young people take the lead in facilitating consultations with other young people. We have prepared training materials to help you to do this.

Once trained as a facilitator, you can run either small group or one-to-one consultations with children and young people.

Small group consultations

This involves facilitating a group discussion based on materials we provide to you. After the discussion, you will then assist children and young people to collate their responses to feedback to the Advocate for Children and Young People.

Children and young people also have the option to provide individual and confidential feedback via an online survey.

One-to-one consultation

This involves speaking individually to a child or young person, and asking the child or young person questions and recording their answers. Prepared prompts will assist the child or young person in answering the questions.

Once you have conducted a consultation, as a facilitator you collate the responses and send the information to the Advocate for Children and Young People.

Consultation materials

Tips for running a great consultation