A small change is all it takes to make a big difference

Posted by ACYP on Nov 27, 2016 10:00:00 AM

The NSW Advocate for Children and Young People, Andrew Johnson, will this morning launch, at Parliament House, a compilation of short videos that highlight when a child or young person’s voice was not heard at an important time in their life. They are based on stories of lived experience.

In the development of the first three-year whole of government Strategic Plan for Children and Young People the Advocate listened to feedback from thousands of children and young people across the state who say they want their voices included in decisions that affect them.

“I often heard stories from children and young people about the times in their lives when their voice was not taken into account and the significant effect that had on them,” Mr Johnson said.

This video is a series of six vignettes of real life examples, shot from the point of view of a child, showing how they feel when they were not listened to. It then goes on to show how the simple act of listening has real and long-lasting effects.

“We hope this video will ensure the viewer understands how a child or young person feels when they are not being listened to and that these videos will assist people who work with children and young people every day and for all of us who interact with children, to better understand the importance of listening to them.

“It is important to recognise we all have a part to play in ensuring children and young people have a say in decisions that affect them. Doing so will ultimately lead to better services, practices and ultimately outcomes for all children and young people,” Mr Johnson added.

The Advocate for Children and Young People will make this video available for use in training to remind those working in the interests of children and young people to ensure their voices are included in decisions that affect them.

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