Participation resources

Thousands of children and young people across NSW have participated in ACYP consultations and events. Thanks to this we've had the privilege to learn a lot from them about what makes meaningful participation from their point of view. Below are resources that reflect this and there are more to come.

What is participation?

A guide to establishing a children & young people's advisory group

How to engage children and young people in your organisation

1. Treat children and young people with respect. 2. Don't talk down to...

ACYP consultation in practice

Access the Voices of Children & Young People with Disability repor...

Access the Voices of LGBTQIA+ Young People report here

Access the Voices of Children and Young People in OOHC report here

Resources and information about young people's perspectives on vaping

Child rights

Access the Child Rights e-learning course and support resources here.

Depicted through animation, the educational resource outlines a compre...

The second whole-of-government plan for all children and young people ...


Should you require any advice or guidance, please contact the ACYP Participation team at: