Under the three-year whole of government Strategic Plan for Children and Young People, the NSW Government committed to developing a program of children and young people as quality assessors.

The C.Y.P.I. program aims to ensure that children and young people are being meaningfully represented within government, non-government organisations and corporations. As part of this program, we will train young people to assess how well these services engage with and respect young people.


  • C.Y.P.I. provides another lens through which government can evaluate the use of funding targeted to improving outcomes for children and young people across NSW
  • Government demonstrates that the concerns of children and young people are taken seriously, including individual sector frameworks and government efforts towards greater social inclusion that promote the participation of young people in these processes
  • Commissioning/contracting departments receive specialised recommendations from children and young people to make their service more relevant, attractive and efficient
  • Children and young people are empowered to make a positive contribution to their community.

If you are under the age of 24 and interested in being part of the CYPI team, please register below:



Please contact the ACYP office with any questions on: 9248 0970, or email us at:

Other opportunities

There are many opportunities available for all children and young people across NSW to get involved and make a meaningful contribution. Find out more about the opportunities offered by ACYP on the Engagement page.

Engagement opportunities